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Bill Olson

Bill Olson

Author of the fantasy novel
The Keep

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     Stay away from the Old Manor. 

     Everyone in Town knows, if it lures you in there is no escape.  No one returns.  And yet despite this, the castle still calls victims to their doom.

     The Town has lived under the shadow of this curse for so long, no one dares to dream of change.

     One man tried, sacrificing himself in an attempt to free the Townsfolk from their grim reality.

     His son, Grange the Younger, dreams of living up to his father’s legacy.  When a stranger arrives in Town and scoffs at the tale of his father, Grange finds himself torn between protecting his father’s memory or the Town’s hope for freedom.

Currently serializing
Safer in the Dark
New Chapters posted every Monday and Thursday!


     Miranda thinks she has the apocalypse figured out finally.  


     A crew that understands how to survive and keep the Shamblers at bay.  Until it all goes south.  


     But when she and her fiends are rescued by a group of strangers , she has to determine if she can trust this new community.  It seems too good to be true.  Is it?

The Covenant Cycle

Tales exploring the relationships between gods and mortals.

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A northern California native, Bill has spent his adult life in the arts. He’s performed as an actor, juggler, and puppeteer. He’s taught clowning, acting, and improvisation. He’s been involved in the Alexander Technique for over thirty years. And through it all, a little voice at the back of his head has been telling stories. Sometimes they find their way onto the page.


He still lives in northern California and owns entirely too many stuffed animals, one of whom has commandeered his Instagram account.

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